Great that you found your way to my website! I use this little blog to publish articles on a regularly unregular basis. Topics vary strongly according to my interests. But let me give you a few information about me.


My name is Michael Schaefer. Since June 2015 I am working for the Provinzial NordWest Holding AG (german only) in the department of risk controlling. Before that I was employed at Münster University as a scientific assistent at the Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics. There, I was working with partial differential equations or parametrized multiscale equations, to be precise. The main focus of my work was on model reduction and parameter optimization for those equations. An important part was the implementation of numerical algorithms suited for these problems. As part of this work the following articles were published:

  • Ohlberger, M. & Schaefer, M. (2012). A reduced basis method for parameter optimization of multiscale problems. In A. Handlovičová, Z. Minarechová & D. Ševčovič (Eds.), ALGORITMY 2012, 19th Conference on Scientific Computing, Vysoké Tatry, Podbanské, September 9-14, 2012 (p. 272–281). Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. PDF
  • Ohlberger, M. & Schaefer, M. (2013). Error Control Based Model Reduction for Parameter Optimization of Elliptic Homogenization Problems. In Y. Le Gorrect (Ed.), Proceedings of the 1st IFAC Workshop on Control of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations (p. 251–256). International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC). PDF

Private life

First of all I do the usual stuff: Read good books, watch movies and such. Cooking is also one of the things I enjoy. I also like playing around with my computers, especially programming (mostly useless) stuff in different languages like C++, Python, HTML / CSS / Javascript. I also implemented a couple of Android apps.

Apart from that, one of my hobbies is playing the piano. In my youth I played for about six years. Two years ago I decided to buy me an electric piano. Since then I take lessons again once a week, playing classical stuff from Haydn, Mendelssohn, Schumann and others. From time to time I accompany my girlfriend (who is playing Violoncello) or some of her teacher's other pupils.


Finally, some selected links that are concerned with either myself or my projects: